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Bluetooth Selfie Stick N09S – Fill Light and Bluetooth Remote

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**Capture Perfect Selfies in Any Light**: The Bluetooth Selfie Stick N09S comes with a built-in fill light featuring three adjustable brightness levels. This means you can take stunning selfies and group photos, day or night, with ideal lighting conditions.

**Extendable and Versatile**: With a maximum length of 100cm (nearly 40 inches), this selfie stick allows you to get creative and capture shots from various angles. Its stainless steel and ABS plastic construction ensures durability while remaining lightweight.

**Effortless Remote Control**: Enjoy hands-free photography with the Bluetooth remote control. Connect it to your smartphone, and you can easily take photos and videos without touching your device. This feature is perfect for capturing group shots and self-portraits, making your photo sessions a breeze.

Product Description

Capture Perfect Selfies with the Bluetooth Selfie Stick N09S

The Bluetooth Selfie Stick N09S is your go-to accessory for taking stunning selfies and group photos. This versatile selfie stick features a built-in fill light and a convenient Bluetooth remote control, ensuring you et the best shots in any lighting condition.

Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, this selfie stick extends up to 100cm, offering you the perfect angle for your photos. The adjustable fill light boasts three brightness levels, adapting to your surroundings effortlessly. With the Bluetooth remote control, you can snap pictures and record videos without needing to touch your phone, making it ideal for group shots and solo selfies.

Key Specifications:
– Model: Selfie Stick (N09S) BT
– Length: 19.5 – 100cm
– Material: Stainless steel + ABS plastic
– Weight: 150g
– Cable: Micro USB

Using the Bluetooth Selfie Stick N09S is a breeze. Simply extend the stick, mount your smartphone, and connect to the Bluetooth remote control. Once connected, you can start capturing photos and videos with a simple press of the button.

Key Features:
– Extends up to 100cm
– Adjustable fill light with three brightness levels
– Bluetooth remote control for hands-free operation
– Compatible with most smartphones
– Lightweight and portable

Please note that the actual product may vary slightly from the one shown in the video. Elevate your selfie game with the Bluetooth Selfie Stick N09S.

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