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Hoco Multimedia USB Type-C Hub

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“Discover the Hoco HB23 5-in-1 Multimedia USB Type-C Hub – Now Available in Bangladesh!

Get the original Hoco HB23 Easy view 5-in-1 Multimedia USB Type-C Hub at the most affordable price exclusively at ANGODOAN.COM.BD. Elevate your connectivity with a promise of the best customer service in Bangladesh.

Looking to expand your laptop’s capabilities with more ports?

The Hoco HB23 Easy view 5-in-1 Multimedia USB Type-C Hub is your ideal solution. With five versatile ports, including HDMI, this hub ensures seamless device connections. It even supports OTG function, making it compatible with your phone or tablet.

Never worry about limited ports again! With this hub, connecting and organizing your devices is a breeze. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers durability for years to come.

Key Specifications:
– Input Interface: Type-C male
– Output Interface: HDMI + USB3.0 + USB2.0 + RJ45 + PD
– Transmission Rate: Ethernet port supports 100M network
– Supported Resolution: 4K / 30Hz
– Power Supply: PD maximum support 60W (20V / 3A)
– Supported System: Windows and Mac OS
– Material: Zinc alloy + ABS + acrylic panel
– Color: Metal Gray
– Dimension: 110*30*14.2mm
– Weight: 80.7g
– Cable Length: 135mm
– Warranty: 30 Days

Upgrade your connectivity with the Hoco HB23 5-in-1 Multimedia USB Type-C Hub, now within reach in Bangladesh. Experience superior versatility and quality today!”

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