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Huohou No Splash Nail Clippers Set with Metal Box

Original price was: ৳ 999.00.Current price is: ৳ 800.00.


**Sanitary Nail Care**: The Huohou No Splash Nail Clippers Set offers a sanitary solution with its splash-proof design, ensuring clean and mess-free nail trimming.

**360° Rotating Ear Picks**: The set includes 360° rotating ear picks, making ear cleaning easy and safe, with no risk of ear damage.

**Durable and Portable**: With a durable 0.1mm accurate misalignment and a lightweight tinplate storage box, this set is designed to last and travel with you, providing excellent value for nail care needs.

Product Description

The Huohou No Splash Nail Clippers Set with Metal Box is a highly regarded nail care set known for its user-friendly and hygienic design. It includes nail clippers, a nail file, and ear picks, featuring a splash-proof design to prevent nail splatter. The nail file has a particle surface for efficient nail smoothing. The ear picks are 360° rotating for ease of use and cleaning. All components are neatly stored in a tinplate box for convenient portability and storage. With features like 360° rotation, sanitary design, and a durable build, this nail care set offers great value for users.

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